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ACOA Ballhockey
ASM Badminton Weymouth
ASM Football Club Weymouth
Bemahague Tuesday IOM Football
BRC Time-ouT Basketball
Cheadle Hulme 5-a-side
Coolock Navan 5-a-side
Courtenay Yellow v Red Hockey
Courtenay Yellow v Red Hockey 2
East London Ladz Footy
Eton Rifles FC
Eye Guys Ice Hockey Brampton Ontario
Fast & Furious Tennis
Fat Boy Football Isle of Man
Friday Football at Wapping
Friday Footy Massive - Leicester
Horsford Walking FC
Injuries and some footie
J ATX Pickup Volleyball
J ATX Ultimate Pickup
Jacksonville Beach Volleyball
Kearsley 5-a-side
League of legends ARAM
League of Legends Slam Down
LMC FC Oxford
Mon East Sheen Masters 5-a-Side Football
Mon Mansfield Road 5-a-Side Football
Monday Rocks Lane Footy
Puffins Newfoundland Hockey Group
Pylons Hockey
Real Suciedad I
The Doblos - Sunbury Footy
The Hive Football
TII Sportso 5-a-side
TLTC Wednesday Tennis
Tuesday LAF Volleyball
VISA women's soccer league
Wed night 9pm Rocks Lane 5-a-Side Football
WNF 5-a-side
Worcester Thursday Footy
Zollikon Kids Soccer
Football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Baseball, Badminton, Tennis, American Football, Volleyball