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1820 Strikers
ACOA Ballhockey
ASM Football Club Weymouth
Badminton Ireland
Bemahague Tuesday IOM Football
Brampton Hockey
BRC Time-ouT Basketball
Cambridge Thursday Football
Cavium Football
CB5 7-a-side Footy
Courtenay Yellow v Red Hockey
Courtenay Yellow v Red Hockey 2
Dadball Oxford Footy
Eton Rifles FC
Fat Boy Football Isle of Man
Friday Football at Wapping
Friday Night Ten Pin
Goals Wembley Monday Night Football
Gooders Footy
Injuries and some footie
J ATX Pickup Volleyball
J ATX Ultimate Pickup
Jacksonville Beach Volleyball
Jax LAF Volleyball
Kearsley 5-a-side
LMC FC Oxford
London KX Wednesday Footie
McAuley's Legends
Mon East Sheen Masters 5-a-Side Football
Mon Mansfield Road 5-a-Side Football
Naranjinhos FC
NCT 5 a side
OpenGamma 5-a-side
Placentia/Fortune bay Ball Hockey Group
Pylons Hockey
Real Suciedad I
Real Suciedad II
Rich's Jacksonville 5v5 Volleyball
Sandhill View Football
Sheffield Thursday Football
Staines Boys 5-a-side
Sun Danes Hill Dads Football
SW Oklahoma Indoor Ultimate
The Hive Football
TII Sportso 5-a-side
Tuesday LAF Volleyball
UPR Legends
VISA women's soccer league
Wed night 9pm Rocks Lane 5-a-Side Football
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