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How To Use

To create your group, first contact us.

Log in and add some players. We suggest initial ranks from 25 to 75.

Leave player positions blank or see more details on this feature below.

Use your mobile for pitch-side picking to allow for last minute player changes.

Pick Teams as many times as you wish, as equally fair teams can appear with different players. When happy Accept Teams.

At any time after the game, enter the result.

Some Other Handy Features

Add players, edit players, delete players, tweak rankings whenever you wish.

Sort alphabetically, by rank or in order of last played (useful for club night rotations).

Mark players as unavailable - useful for club nights or parking players with injuries. Or players can enter their own availability from the group page without logging in, using their email address.

Pick 3 or more teams to create a round-robin of matches.

Give players positions e.g. put a G as the position of your goalkeepers so they are picked on different teams, S for strikers etc.

Use Assisted Pick to pick some players yourself and let Team Picker do the rest.

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