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What It Does

Team Picker is a free web application used from your smart phone / tablet / computer. It picks sides for you in any competitive activity where two teams play each other.

Sports clubs wanting to rank players by ability whilst having evenly matched training games can use Team Picker. As can casual groups such as 5-a-side football or softball. Other sports include baseball, basketball, volleyball, badminton, squash and tennis.

By recording the outcome of each game, your player rankings are automatically updated giving fairer games over time.

The mix of players can be more interesting too; picking by captains can sometimes give predictable sides.

Users of Team Picker can be given full access / pick-only access.

iPhone / Android / Smart Phone App

The best moment to pick is just before you start your game, so Team Picker works beautifully on smart phones.

It is better than using a native app because Team Picker is not tied to one person's phone; when your main organiser is away, anyone in your group can use Team Picker.

Player Access

Players can access the group web page to indicate their availability for your next session, without having to log in.

Players can also view who else is available and, if you have already picked, the team selections for the game(s).

Club Nights

Team Picker has great support for club nights, such as for badminton, tennis or squash where doubles matches rotate on/off court.

Available players are listed separately from unavailable players, so as people arrive, they can be added in, or removed as they drop out.

The players can be sorted to show who has been waiting longest, so that the top players listed are due to go on next.

Where your club night or tournament involves round-robin, simply pick 3 or more teams and all match combinations are created, separated into rounds.

Player Positions and Assisted Pick

Players can be given positions of your choice e.g. in basketball you might use F for forward players, G for guards etc.

Team Picker will then ensure an even spread of positions across the teams.

If you want more control, you can manually pick some players with Assisted Pick and let Team Picker fill in the gaps.

Your Strongest Players?

The rankings table in Team Picker will show the strongest players in your group over time. This could be invaluable information for clubs to select players for matches. You can also keep this information hidden if you prefer.

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